Could be. People should read though, I choose my words carefully.

Playing against myself seems weird. How does that make me stronger?

Oh, so i first guard against grade 1 and 2 vanguard, then no guard against grade 3 till 4 damage. Finally guard for 2 passes. Yes?

Same guy again. Alice, i have so many questions in my mind, regarding guarding but i will just ask a few as not to annoy you. If let say, the opponent ride a 8k grade 1 and call out 2 grade 1 8k and front row. Shall i guard all 3 or take all 3 damage or just guard the rearguard, not the vanguard? Sorry for being the drag.

Same person again. So what you mean during grade 1 or 2 vanguard round, and if the opponent has no boost for vanguard, i guard. If yes, i no guard and guard against his/her rearguard instead. Then at grade 3 vanguard stage, i no guard against vanguard and guard against 1 stage column rearguard and eat stage 2 column till 4 damage?

Another question, should i guard against kagero eclipse every turn or let it pass, so he/she can counterblast and destroy my 2 of my rearguard?

You may only mulligan one time. Sometimes this game throws you curve balls :|

I need your advise. I am new to this game and already have a deck and know a local shop with players playing vanguard. My problem is that I have no friends to play it with or tag along with to go to that shop. I would like to play but, the moment I open the shop door and I see strangers stare at me, I falter like crazy. I know this is something funny but I really need some advice.

Not sure what any of this is, but feel free to PM me about it on the forums.

Do common cards [C] are super prone to damage? I mean, I buy a [C] card and hurriedly put them to my Ultra Pro card sleeves to avoid damage. Then after several times of play, I notice that there are some sort of scratch to that [C] card. My [R] and [RR] does not suffer such fate of that [C] card. Is my assumptions is correct? If so what shall I do to avoid this?

Darn that Ultra Pro. Anyways, I better switch to KMC. And buy [C] cards that are damaged. Thanks a lot.

Yes definitely switch to KMC. There are some places that sell them for 5 bucks.

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